The HCGM Sports Centre

The HCGM Sports CentreSteven Frangoulis is the Director of the HCGM Athletic Department. He, along with Harry Bistolas, Assistant to the Department, develops and handles the HCGM sports programmes and oversees the HCGM Sports Centre.

The HCGM Sports Centre was established in 1984. The Sports Centre’s main objective is to provide quality programmes and services to the members of the community. It offers a range of athletic, fitness and leisure activities, as well as, a variety of special events and a various registration methods for its members.

While some activities are offered all year long, others are offered during the school year and the day camps, during the summer months.

More than a dozen activities are held in our facilities:

• Team sports (cosmos hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc)
• Fitness activities (weight training, etc… The work-out room will be opening soon)
• Children’s activities (sports clubs, summer camps, etc.)
• Martial arts (karate, bojuken, etc…)

The Centre offers several ways to participate, such as reservations for group or team sports in the gym or other facilities or individual registrations for specific activities or classes.

With two (2) key locations available for rent, the Sports Centre offers such as:

• Free parking
• Locker rooms, showers (sauna available in Montreal location only)
• Telephone reservation of gym
• Information desk and friendly reception staff

The following programmes and activities are offered at the Montreal location:

• Soccer (Ages 5 to 12) on Saturdays from 9:30am to 2:00pm, from September to June with a certified coach;
• Karate (Ages 5 and older), on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, from September to June, with a former Team Canada karate coach;
• Weight room, which will be opening soon. Please call for information;
• Summer day camps (Ages 5 to 13), for 8 weeks during the summer months, from late June until mid-August, in both the Montreal and Laval locations; and,
• Facilities for birthday parties, at the Montreal location, which include 3 hrs of activities: in the gym for sports activities and the Polyvalent room for food and birthday cake. Please call for pricing.

Rental of Sports Centre facilities is available at these two locations:

► Montreal – Hellenic Community Centre “Adrian Maris”, 5757 Wilderton, Montreal
► South Shore – HCGM South Shore Regional Centre, 5220 Grande Allée, St-Hubert

For more information and booking availabilities, please contact Steven Frangoulis or Harry Bistolas at the Montreal Sports Centre: (514) 738-2421, ext. 132. Office hours are from Monday to Friday after 3:00pm, Saturday after 9:00am and Sunday after 5:00pm.