Board of Directors 2019-2022

1. The Executive Committee (EC) of the Board of Directors (BoD)

1.1. Executive Officers and Members of the Executive Committee

Andreas (Andy) Crilis, President, Chair of the Executive Committee

Constance Karvelas, Executive Vice President of the Community, Secretary of Marketing
Voula Neofotistos, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Haralambos (Harry) Babaroutsis, General Secretary
Tassia Tsaousis, Vice President, Secretary of Education (Socrates-Démosthène), Secretary of Supplementary Education and Daycares
Dennis Marinos, Vice President, Chair of BoD, Chair Laval Regional Council
Alexandros Vasilogianis, Vice President, Chair Montreal Regional Council, Secretary of Ecclesiastic Affairs
Aphrodite Stathopoulos, Vice President, Chair South Shore Regional Council
Afroditi Mourelatos, Vice President of Special Projects

1.2. Board Secretaries and Members of the Executive Committee

Michael Kalyvas, Vice-Chair of the BoD, Secretary of Inter-Relations
Anna Dimitrokalis, Secretary of Human Resources, Secretary of Social Services
George Lalos, Secretary of Cultural Affairs
Dimitrios Katsaounis, Secretary of Public Relations
Achilles Nikopoulos, Secretary of Real Estate and Procurement
Emanuella Stratoudakis, Secretary of Youth
Zacharias Tourlas, Secretary of Athletics

1.3. Board Directors and Members of the Executive Committee

Julie Klironomos, Board Director of Government Relations
Panagiotis (Peter) Papageorgiou, Board Director of Maintenance and Infrastructure

2. Deputy Secretaries and other BoD Members

Vasilis (Bill) Kapsalis, Deputy Secretary, Cultural Affairs
Nathalie Markatos, Deputy Secretary, Human Resources
Maria Sotirakos, Deputy Secretary, Youth
Demetrios (Jim) Tsatsoulis, Deputy Secretary, Special Projects
Panagiotis (Peter) Tsokanos, Deputy Secretary, Special Projects

Epaminondas (Nondas) Capsis, Member
Anna Dritsas
, Member
Ilias Hondronicolas, Member
George Kannelakis, Member