These comments are typical of the hundreds collected from evaluation surveys taken after each activity, both verbal and written.

‘’The workshops have made me a better caregiver!’’

‘’The support groups helped me deal with each one of my problems with patience,
perseverance and new skills that I learned.’’

‘’I really appreciated the activities and I also made friends!’’

‘’I take better care of myself, I take the time that I need, without feeling guilty, nor judged!’’

‘’The program added positive influences in my life!’’

‘’The themes of the discussions are pertinent to my situation.’’

‘’I now have a better understanding of the public and community resources
available to me.’’

‘’I have learned new skills, thanks to the training and the attentive and knowledgeable

‘’Thank you for all your help, I no longer feel that I am dealing with this alone!’’

‘’My physical health has greatly improved because of your program!’’

‘’ I would like to see more of these activities.’’

‘’Thank you, I feel better just knowing you listened to me.’’

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To: Eleni Fakotakis, Director of Hellenic Social Services of Quebec

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