Social Services Coordinating Manager

HCGM is a non-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide Social, Cultural, Educational and Ecclesiastical services.

Job Description:

As a Social Service Coordinating Manager, you will join the HCGM – Social Service Department (SSHQ) to manage, build and support our elderly population and care givers in our community by providing services and activities.  Your role is to ensure the day-to-day needs of the clients, and operational needs are met. You will be required to represent HCGM with different stakeholders, ensure that the brand is promoted and increase client base and participation by meeting/calling clients, create intakes, reporting/stats and coordinate various activities such as workshops seminars, training, classes developing the social and wellness of our elderly and care givers. You will be required to ensure funding grants are renewed or new funding is acquired to continue meeting the up-to-date client needs and to report to your supervisor.

You will also be required to manage an administrative clerk who will provide administrative support (manage schedules, absences, vacations, tasks and responsibilities, deadlines, etc.).

You will be reporting directly to the supervisors/Director leading the Social Services division.


  • Experience in Social or Psychological work experience of at least 2 years
  • Graduate of Cegep in Social or Psychology studies or University equivalent
  • Ability to carry out several projects simultaneously
  • Knowledge of Microsoft and web software.
  • Adaptable to service all areas of our clients within the Greater Montreal area
  • Positive and open to work with different partners and stakeholders within and outside of the organization
  • Demonstrate leadership by example.
  • Work experience in management will be considered as an asset.
  • Speak and write English and Greek, French a plus
  • Flexible to work some evenings and weekends to meet clients.
  • Meet department goals to ensure alignment with organizational vision.

Job Location and Salary:

  • Be available and flexible to work out of our head office in Montreal and regional offices in South Shore and Laval.
  • Employee shall work all hours required to perform his or her duties. This number of hours may vary but will usually be between 30 and 40 hrs per week.
  • Competitive annual salary and employee benefits

Please send your CV and your letter of presentation to [email protected] until July 9, 2021.

Intern Jobs at the HCGM

Are you a young person between the ages of 15 to 30 years old looking for employment?

The HCGM is excited to be able to play our part in helping young Canadians to develop skills and gain paid work experience to successfully transition into the labour market.

To qualify you must be:
• 15 to 30 years of age at start of employment
• a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
• bilingual and knowledge of Greek is an asset

Opportunities for Community Workers and Administrative Assistants are available for terms of 8 to 12 weeks through to the end of February 2022.

To apply for any of the position(s) below, please send your CV to [email protected]. Please include the job title in the subject of your email.

Community Workers

• Provide support for activities, events and day to day clerical and administrative needs for various divisions of HCGM, etc.
• Basic office duties and knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Be organised, professional, flexible, efficient & confidential

Administrative Assistants

• Provide support for all administrative and clerical functions within the HCGM
• Basic office duties and knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Be organised, professional, flexible, efficient & confidential

These  jobs are made possible under the federal government’s Canada Summer Jobs program. Thank you to The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau (Papineau) and Members of Parliament Rachel Bendayan (Outremont), Fayçal El-Khoury (Laval-Les Îles), Emmanuella Lambropoulos (Saint-Laurent) and Sherry Romanado (Longueuil-Charles-LeMoyne) for their support and approval of our grant requests.

Request for Tenders

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If you are looking for the HCGM Job Board, a new job listing service designed to bring together Greek employers and job seekers, click here.