To have access to our services, one must be registered as a member of HSSQ. The annual membership is $10. Recipients of the food bank only contribute $5.00 annually. Upon initial registration, a needs assessment is done and a file is opened. Our files are strictly confidential and locked at all times. Only the specific HSSQ personnel can access these records. No other service or department in the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal have access.

Members receive a plasticised membership card that is renewed annually. This entitles them to discounts that can be applied towards activities and services. Course fees vary depending on the number of weeks and whether the course is funded by the government or not. For example a course funded by the government may cost as little as $30. Whereas a course that is not funded can cost $75 or more, depending on the course, subject matter and materials.

Members are encouraged to give us feedback regarding their experience or satisfaction in the particular activity or course they attended. Click for an example of a satisfaction form that is distributed at the end of a course.

Members are also encouraged to participate at the Annual General Assembly of the Hellenic Social Services, which usually takes place in June. This allows them to elect members of the Board of Directors and to help approve the annual reports (activity, financial and strategic plan).

To become a member contact us.