The client or beneficiary of SSHQ is at the center of our attention. They have to feel welcomed, they must be treated with respect and they must be involved in their personalised plan for the year. We have to do our best to empower them, so they can maintain their dignity while going through all of their life changes and their quality of life is always up to par. We have to help them address their psychosocial needs. The client should always leave our office satisfied.

The employees, volunteers and stage workers of SSHQ have a right to work in a climate that is positive and nurturing . Where their opinions, skills and abilities are recognised and respected. They have to provide their best effort at all times. Everyone in the team must feel comfortable with each other. They have to be satisfied.

When the employees are happy and satisfied, the clients will be happy and satisfied.

Ongoing Information and training must be provided to the client and to the employees, in order to continue to improve their skills and abilities.


  • Offering Service excellence
  • Providing to the beneficiary, a professional, quality service each time
  • Respectful; courteous; providing beneficiary your full attention
  • Making sure your reserved time with the client is not interrupted
  • Listening without interruption; providing empathy
  • Understanding their needs
  • Being honest
  • Knowing how to help them
  • Providing help adapted to beneficiary needs
  • Empowering the client
  • Documenting the help for follow-up
  • Providing a service within a reasonable time
  • Client-centred/Beneficiary-centred
  • Involving the beneficiary in the care plan
  • Advocating on behalf of the client or beneficiary
  • Team-work
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Showing solidarity, empathy and respect towards other team members, listening to each other’s concerns, standing up for the team, covering for each other
  • Helping each other to reach our goals faster
  • Communicating effectively
  • Making sure that employees are well informed
  • Integrity
  • Caring about professionalism and honestly
  • Documenting appropriately
  • Loyalty to position and to organization
  • Knowing and following rules and regulations
  • Following professional standards of conduct and responsibility
  • Using funds for the purposes for which they were intended
  • Insuring transparency
  • Respect yourself and others, caring about your training and growth in the organization
  • Assuring competent governance
  • Measuring, evaluating and improving our performance