If you are 60 years and over and have never taken a computer course, you may be feeling out of touch with the world today. We recommend that you participate in our computer courses. We have been successfully offering computer courses for eleven years. Our computer classes are very popular; five years ago we only had one class at a time, now they are so much in demand that we have a selection of levels, offered at different times during the week. We are operating our classes with very new lap top computers and Tablets. It is never too late to start.
A lot of business and social activities are conducted on-line. When it is snowy and slippery outside, you may not feel like leaving your house but you still need your groceries or to go to the bank. Perhaps you feel that you have relied too much on your family members to help out. It is important to keep your independence and to learn at least the basics about information technology. You may want to learn the basics about how a lap top or a Tablet functions, or even how to use all the functions of the cell phone a family member gave you.
With all the different devices on the market today, we know that buying the right electronic device can be confusing. We recommend that you take our computer basics program, where you have the opportunity to try out different devices and eventually buy what you feel most comfortable with for home use.
If you enrol in one of our programs, you will learn in a social setting, in an interesting location (at our office or library) and with other seniors. This way, you not only learn about computers, you will also make friends and socialise.
Our computer program will show you and encourage you to navigate onto very useful sites on the internet that can help you with your everyday concerns and to learn the following, such as:

•- opening your own email account and communicating with friends, family and business personnel.
•- how to purchase items on-line and with caution
•- how to read and view world and local news
•- visiting other parts of the world without leaving your living-room
•- visiting sites that explain how to avoid elder abuse and financial fraud
•- how to save your family photos and to view them whenever you want and wherever you want
•- Socialise On-line
•- learning about Alzheimer’s
•- finding local community based clinics
•- finding a doctor’s telephone number or address that you have misplaced and cannot find
•- how to get food delivered at home or to do your banking on-line in order to save time or to avoid going out when it is cold or slippery outside
•- Watching your favourite movies
•- how to purchase or listen to your favourite music
•- finding the answer to any question you may have
•- speak with friends in other parts of the world or in Montreal using Skype
•- registering on a dating site ……………..and the list is truly endless.

These are some of the comments made by our computer graduates:

  •  “Thank you so much for this course! I feel more free. If I want to know something, I just look it up. I communicate more regularly with family and friends in Greece; I do not feel so alone anymore! I really liked our teacher, she explained everything with a smile and patience and made the course fun.”
  • “I know what is happening around the world and in my neighbourhood, I made new friends, I am happier, this experience has changed my life, I cannot believe how I lived without using a computer and the internet before, when my grand-children come over we watch things together that we discover new things on the internet, I am a new person!”

If you have already learned how to use computers or to use a Tablet, we encourage you to volunteer; we need you to help us teach other elders who are just starting. This is a great way to practice and to always remember what you have learned.

We offer our courses in Laval, Montreal and in Longueil. Our classes are ongoing. Contact us for additional information or to register. Contact us.