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Nicolaos Papageorgiou, Reverend 

Koimisis tis Theotokou Church was bought by the HCGM on April 12, 1968. The church was built in 1962 by the Church of the Apostles. It was inaugurated on May 5th, 1968. The Church also known as “Panagitsa” was destroyed by fire on April 13th, 2015 and rebuilt two years later.

The I SUPPORT campaign is an ambitious initiative to ensure the future of our Cathedral and our churches, and by extension, the vibrancy of our Greek Orthodox community in Montreal. As a community, we must come together to ensure that the Cathedral remains a beacon and our churches remain at the center of our Greek Orthodox community for years to come. This initiative is one of the most important efforts towards this goal.

To donate, go to: https://hcgm.org/donate/koimisis/

All HCGM Churches are administrated by the Community’s Board of Directors and as a “body” are under the ecclesiastic and spiritual authority of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada). Each church is managed by its Dean. All churches are supported by their Church Committee and Ladies Benevolent. In addition to its own Church Committee St.-Jean Baptist church is supported by the Ladies Auxiliary.
Each Church keeps its own archives where all sacraments and ceremonies are recorded. Additionally St.-George Cathedral keeps Holy Trinity Church archives as well as the registry book.
The General Archives and Register of Records are under the authority of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) and the one who issues licenses, marriage and birth certificates etc.