The administration and staff of The Sports Centre are pleased to invite you, your family and your friends to participate in the various activities of athletic fitness and leisure. The Sports Centre’s main objective is to provide quality programs and services, a variety of special events and a diverse method of registration for its members.

Some activities are offered year round, others during the school year and camps in the summer months. Registration fees can be paid by personal cheque, certified cheque, or money order. Taxes are included in all fees quoted. No registrations will be accepted over the phone. No re-imbursements except for medical reasons.

It is recommended to see a physiologist or personal physician before embarking on a fitness or exercise program. More than a dozen activities are being offered including:

• team sports (basketball, cosom-hockey, soccer, volleyball, etc.)
• racket sports (badminton, tennis)
• fitness activities (weight-training)
• martial arts, (taekwondo, bojuken-kick-boxing, karate)
• children’s activities (sports clubs, summer camps, etc.)
• and others (tournaments, excursions, etc.)

  • Groups and teams can reserve time to use the gyms or other locals
  • Birthday parties offered at the Montreal Sports Centre 3 hrs includes 1 ½ of gym time and hall for birthday. Cost $225.

For more information please contact:
Steve Frangoulis, Sports Director
Tel: 514-738-2421 ext.111 (after 12:00pm).
[email protected]

Harry Bistolas, Sports Director
Tel: 514-738-2421 ext.132 (after 3:00pm).
[email protected]