Christmas Message by the President

During this joyous season, we celebrate the simplest yet most meaningful gift of all; the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. Christmas is a time that reminds us that being hospitable and loving one and another is not limited to our kin but extends beyond them and our community. In the days to come we…


Toques to warm the heart

Students, parents and staff of the Socrates II Campus gathered items for the Old Brewery Mission in downtown Montreal. The Old Brewery Mission works with homeless people in Montreal to meet their basic needs while finding concrete and lasting solutions to end homelessness. In order for this fundraising to have a personal connection with the…



Campus III of Socrates-Démosthène School has recently set up a fundraising day to thank the Enfants Retour network for having organized safety workshops for their students. They raised more than $ 2,000, which will allow other students to learn how to stay safe! These funds will be directly invested in the #ProtectChildren’s Return campaign. Congratulations!