The Demolition of Koimisis Tis Theotokou Church

IMG_0673oThe demolition of Koimisis Tis Theotokou Church has begun, and one cannot help but have mixed feelings; a sense of bitterness for something so close to our hearts which was lost and a sense of hope for something that will be equally as beautiful and beloved.

Following the schedule and obeying the city’s by-laws, the workers responsible began the demolition, with utmost respect to the Church’s valuable contents which can be salvaged.

The work commenced in July, with a small break for the construction holiday, and is continuing uninterrupted.  The following pictures are from the work that was carried out on Wednesday, August 12, 2015.

IMG_0715o IMG_0711o IMG_0707o IMG_0704o IMG_0688o IMG_0679o IMG_0668o IMG_0665o