Easter Message by Reverend Panagiotis Salatellis

father Panagiotis Salatellis -smMy beloved, in the name of Christ, Bothers and Sisters,

If we wish to find a deeper and more meaningful sense of the great feast of Easter, it would be with through a single word: Triumph!  Triumph of the positive forces of life over the negative ones, of the spiritual world over the material one.  And this is of utmost importance in the present day, for we live in a world of scepticism and corruption.

In such a world, which is dominated by tragic events, the Resurrection of Christ gives us a sense of hope and victory.  The Risen Lord represents life itself and the resurrection of the world.  Paul sees the death and Resurrection of Christ with all-embracing magnitude. Our Lord’s death represents the death of our world and with His resurrection, we too are resurrected.  “For Christ’s love compels us, because we believe that One died for all and, therefore, all died.”, and “As through Adam all, even the righteous, die, so through Christ all shall be made alive”. This life is like a synthesis of positive forces that accompany mankind in the struggles for recognition and dignity, for redemption and salvation. I hope that we can all envision the Resurrection as a rebirth and a new beginning for all humanity.

Καλή Ανάσταση !

With warm wishes for a Blessed and Happy Easter to you and your families,

Reverend Panagiotis Salatelis