A Message from the President – April 2015

Pagonis-2015-01Dear friends,

Easter is the most significant celebration of the Christian faith.  Across the world, believers relive the course of the Divine Drama; a path that leads to catharsis and Resurrection.  Easter is the great celebration that unites us and keeps our faith and traditions alive.  These traditions are undeniably linked to every Greek family and as such, I invite you to participate in the Holy procession toward the triumph of the Resurrection, as Reverend Panagiotis Salatellis describes in his Easter message.

There is no other history that is as rich and diverse as the history of Hellenism.  Each era, from antiquity to today, is rich with events and famous historical figures.  A group of close to 200 dancers, storytellers, musicians and singers, will take us through a journey of song and dance, to some of the most important moments of Modern Greek history, from the founding of Constantinople in 324 AD, to the recognition of the independence of the Greek State in 1830. This musical event, organised by the Folklore Workshop of the HCGM’s Cultural Institute, will surely re-instil in us our sense of Greek pride.

In closing, the members of the Board of Directors and I extend our warmest wishes and express our utmost gratitude to all those who support our work and continuous efforts to preserve and promote Hellenism.  As well, many special thanks to the Montreal AHEPA Family for the funds it raised to benefit our schools and the Socrates Educational Foundation, whose scholarships and subsidies of tuition fees, give every Greek child access to knowledge.

Καλή Ανάσταση, Καλό Πάσχα και Χρόνια Πολλά!

Nicholas T. Pagonis