The HCGM is currently working on and will be launching a number of new projects and initiatives.

  • Recruit experts and establish teams of professionals on HCGM Standing Committees to assist in the various areas of the HCGM and on projects
  • Greatly expand our fundraising efforts, systematically and professionally
  • Reopen our schools in accordance with all government guidelines
  • Rebrand and review our service offering in order to better align our Supplementary Education schools (Platon Omeros, Aristotelis and St. Nicholas) with the needs of parents and their children
  • Review and streamline all employee HR policies
  • Develop Employee coaching and feedback process (standardize as part of operating model) align with performance goal alignment
  • Explore new communication platforms (podcasts, livestreams, email marketing, newsletters)
  • Create a mentorship program to match college/university students and established professionals
  • Continue to improve support services to family members of the elderly who are no longer able to take care of themselves
  • Expand the scope of the cultural department (Theatre, Music, Dance, Art) to reflect the full richness of our Hellenic culture in our community.

Do you want to help? We welcome anyone interested in volunteering their time on one of our many committees. Do you have an idea or proposal to suggest? We look forward to discussing their feasibility and alignment with the HCGM vision and mission to support Greeks through their entire life cycle, from cradle to grave. Send us an email at [email protected].

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