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The HCGM Board of Directors was elected to deliver tangible results on 9 key priorities that we identified as key issues affecting our community. They are our promise to our community, what we will fight for:

  • Conduct Strategic Review
  • Involve members to actively participate
  • Achieve financial stability
  • Maintain educational excellence
  • Expand our social services in line with growing needs
  • Actively involve our youth
  • Improve and fully exploit our Assets
  • Expand cultural activities
  • Enhance partnerships

These 9 priorities have been and will remain the focus of our activities until the end of our term in 2022.

In addition to your membership, we welcome everyone interested in helping the HCGM to advance its mission and vision to volunteer their time on one of our many committees. We look forward to hearing your ideas and proposals and to discuss their feasibility and alignment with the HCGM vision and mission to support Greeks through their entire life cycle, from cradle to grave.

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