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  • Performing a diagnostic/strategic review of the operational structure and operation model.
  • Developed and in the process of implementing a Management) Performance Goal Review Assessment (semi-annual and annual assessment).
  • Working with the Transaction Advisory Services department of EY, to assess all the HCGM’s real estate assets based on mission, strategic fit, as well as the underlying value and ongoing contribution to the overall organization.
  • Introduced our first ever Town Hall to discuss with members and non-members of the HCGM on topics selected by the community.
  • We are currently holding our first ever On-line Town Hall with all of you following us to discuss ideas, answer questions and look at various suggestions to better our community.
  • Successfully renewed our Bank Loan with more favourable terms.
  • Reinstated the media at the monthly Board of Directors meetings, realizing the importance of their presence.
  • Organized first ever Fundraising Gala, spearheaded by Fundraising Committee Honorary President, Dr. George Tsoukas which raised over $300,000!  Efforts are ongoing to collect the remaining pledges and surpass this amount for the many needs of our schools.
  • At the forefront of planning of pandemic measures for our schools, as well as for our churches, employees and workspaces. Pandemic plan for Socrates-Demosthenes in place (with the collaboration of Dr. Chris Karatzios) well before the lockdown was ordered by the government.
  • Worked in conjunction with other groups to offer an enriched cultural experience to our members.
  • Successfully renewed the school license for an unprecedented 4 years plus license to operate pre-K in every campus.
  • General Director, Chris Adamopoulos, selected to advise the Minister of Education on every and all aspects that concern Private Education in Quebec.
  • Introduced online membership registration and renewal. A membership drive ready for launch in a few weeks and we are currently exploring a more extensive suite of membership benefits.
  • Introduced “25 of March Greek Independence Day Online” and to the best of our knowledge was the only Greek Community in the world to put together such a comprehensive day of activities in a matter of days following the lockdown.
  • Set up streaming of services from all 6 of our churches during the lockdown and reinstated live broadcast on MikeFM.
  • Launched Ta Molivia Ston Aera (Pencils in the Air) on MIKE FM, our first ever radio show produced by the children Socrates-Démosthène for all children of Greek origin.
  • Launched Video Series on YouTube TA NEA tou Sxoliou Socrates-Démosthène.
  • Produced the “Virtual Panigiri” on the South Shore, the first community in Canada to undertake such an initiative and raised almost $20K.
  • In the process of transferring the Foyer hellénique pour personnes agées to the HCGM, and will become an integral part of the HCGM’s real estate portfolio.
  • Completed Phase 1 of St. George Project (the Pedestrian Bridge).
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