A New Streamlined Membership Process by HCGM

The HCGM proudly presents a new streamlined membership process for us to stay connected, with an option to auto-renew, and an exciting Perks program, built for YOU!

The HCGM is a nonprofit organization that relies on membership fees and the generous contributions of our members and community to operate. Supporting the HCGM and the many essential services and programs we provide to the Montreal Hellenic community is a shared responsibility.

Becoming a member of the HCGM has never been easier! Visit our updated Membership page at https://hcgm.org/become-a-member/

Planning and implementation of a new platform to manage not only membership but all our services, has been a top priority for the current administration and the subject of extensive research and consultation.  As was announced on our membership page, this planning culminated with a temporary and quite understandable suspension (8 days) of our membership page while we transitioned from the old to the new system.  As we make this important change for our community, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Membership Committee, which included, Anna Dimitrokalis, Dimitri Katsaounis, Emmanuella Stratoudakis, Bill Kapsalis, Elias Hondronikolas, George Andreopoulos and Constance Karvelas for their insight and contributions.

It is important to note that our new approach to membership is part of a much larger initiative that allowed the HCGM to launch and run three new targeted donation campaigns in 2021 for I SUPPORT OUR CHURCHES, I STAND FOR OUR SCHOOLS and I CARE FOR SOCIAL SERVICES. Our ultimate goal, under the careful guidance of our new Executive Director, Denis Kotsoros, is for all donations and revenues to be streamlined under a common platform to allow for a seamless user experience. To date, we have integrated the Athletics, Cultural and Social Service Departments as well as the Ellinomathia Program, with plans to incorporate Supplemental Education this fall.

The updated membership page is designed to keep us connected and to build better relationships with our members. After registering online, members will immediately receive a message with our thanks, along with a receipt for the full value of your membership fee. New members will also be added to our HCGM Mailing List to stay up to date on all news and events from the HCGM.

HCGM Membership has its Perks!

In addition to being entitled to exercise all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership in the Community, the HCGM will be entering into an agreement with Perkopolis, an exclusive NO FEE managed discount, reward and benefits program, used by over 2,000 organizations across Canada.

The HCGM Perks Program, powered by Perkopolis, will be available to all members of the HCGM and will be activated through a phased approach starting on February 14.  Visit their website at www.perkopolis.com  to learn more about what this exciting program has to offer.