Fundraising Evening with Eugenia Manolidou

Our Special Guest Speaker is well known Greek classical composer, conductor and television personality, Eugenia Manolidou, who is also Director of Education at Elliniki Agogi, an institution which for more than 25 years has taught Ancient Greek language, history and philosophy and culture to children and adults. Her presentation is entitled:

Greek, the Language of the Future

Proceeds from this event will go directly to the scholarship program for Socrates-Démosthène and our Supplementary Education schools, St. Nicolas, Platon-Omeros and Aristotelis.

Our schools are our future and we urge you to be part of this special event. Let us all attend Eugenia Manolidou’s extremely interesting lecture. Let us all Stand For Our Schools.

Ticket Info:

$250 minimum donation, for exquisite dinner and drinks, with a tax receipt for the eligible amount. Call to reserve: 514-738-2421 ext. 114 use the form below to register now!