Greek Language Courses, Winter Semester

Learning Greek will make you realize how many of the words you know derive from the Greek language. Any foreign language is a great asset but Greek has several extra advantages.

Learning Greek will help you understand better French and /or English. About  25% of the French and English vocabulary is of Greek origin.

Learning Greek will amaze you with the complexity of grammar. Greek is not as difficult as people believe and not impossible to learn. It requires consistent and focused effort.

Whatever your age, the best time to start learning Greek at Montreal Centre For Greek Studies is right now. Registration – January 22, to February 2, 2018

Beginners A-1

Beginners are asked to choose one of the following 3 (2 choices help with scheduling):

Monday 18h30-21h

Wednesday 18h30-21h

Saturday 9:30-12pm

Courses in progressing are as follows:

Beginners A-2

Beginners A-3

Conversation A-4

Intermediate A-6

Advanced A-9+

Winter courses for Greek language start the week of February 5th

Once (1x) a week for 10 weeks

Price $250

Textbooks $20-$50 (for new course registration)

Location: 5777 Wilderton Ave.

Montreal, Qc H3S 2V7

Contact: Lesley-Ann Judge

[email protected]