The Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant! Phase II

The Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant, which is in its second phase of creation, made of plaster and in its actual dimensions, was demonstrated to the HCGM President Nicholas Pagonis, during his visit to Athens.

The public sculpture, measuring 3 metres high and made of a bronze composite, will be placed in the highly visible, small triangular park at the intersection of Park Avenue and Jean-Talon Street, as a tribute to the Greek immigrants and all the immigrants of Montreal and it will be offered as a gift to the City for its 375th anniversary.

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, the Lyceum of Greek Women of Montreal and the Hellenic Congress of Quebec invite all the Greeks of Montreal to collectively contribute to the economic campaign for the financing of this exciting project.

All donors’ names will be engraved on a special plaque adjacent to the statue, marking the collective contribution of the Greeks towards their adopted city.

GOLD DONOR: $5,000.  Gold donors will have their names engraved in large,5cm-sized fonts.

SILVER DONOR: $2,000.  Silver donors will have their names engraved  2,5 cm in size.

BRONZE DONOR: $1,000.  Bronze donors will have their names engraved in 1,5 cm-sized fonts.

For further information contact Mrs. Niki Anastasopoulos-Mitronika at 514-451-0296 or Dr. Georgia Vriniotis at [email protected]