TeleMarathon 2016


It is Zeus’ anathema on our epoch for the dynamism of our economies and the heresy of our economic methods and policies that we should agonize between the Scylla of numismatic plethora and the Charybdis of economic anaemia.

It is not my idiosyncrasy to be ironic or sarcastic but my diagnosis would be that politicians are rather cryptoplethorists. Although they emphatically stigmatize numismatic plethora, energize it through their tactics and practices….”

Dr. Xenophon Zolotas (October 2, 1959)

Governor of the Bank of Greece
former Prime Minister of Greece

Dr. Xenophon Zolotas, a well-known Greek economist and former Prime Minister of Greece, knew the power and penetrating capabilities of the Greek language. He delivered two speeches at the closing session of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Conference by using only Greek words, with the exception of articles and prepositions in English. These speeches were delivered in front of a foreign audience.

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal’s (HCGM)  Schools namely, “Socrates-Démosthène” trilingual daily elementary and high school, “Platon-Omeros”, “St. Nicholas” and “Aristotelis”, supplementary education schools, provide our youth with the opportunity to learn the Greek language. Greek is the language of science, medicine and philosophy and is taught to our children, along with the two official Canadian languages, giving them an advantage over their peers in today’s ever-competitive world.

20161002_134156_smallThe HCGM works tirelessly to preserve this privilege for our children and is constantly striving to achieve the financial means necessary to sustain its schools and their superior quality of education.  Our children’s future depends on us and we must remember that “charity begins at home, but does not end there.”

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, the HCGM Fundraising Committee launches its first-ever TeleMarathon in Canada, to be broadcast on Odyssey TV.

During the last several years, the Committee’s mandate has been to raise funds to support our Community’s schools, which have always been the driving force for the preservation and promotion of our culture and language for future generations. In order to be able to continue this work, we invite everyone to take part in this TeleMarathon.

Dimitios (Jim) Beis, borough Mayor of Pierrefonds – Roxboro is the honorary President for this year’s TeleMarathon.


  • Call and make your pledge at: 514-738-2421
  • In person at the  Hellenic Community Centre “Adrian Maris”, 5777 rue Wilderton.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm (Doors open at 1:00pm)

  • By credit card or PayPal via the HCGM Website (www.hcgm.org) or Facebook page


The Organising Committee is working hard to give you three great hours of entertainment and education.