Soccer Championship Organised by the HCGM Sports Department

The U9 Soccer Championship was held in June by the HCGM Sports Department. The participating soccer teams were: HCGM Bulldogs, Black Dragons, Panellinios and École Socrates-Démosthène Campus II soccer team (Soc 2).

Each team had the opportunity to take part in three matches before the final medal match. In the game for the bronze medal, there was a score draw (5-5) between HCGM Bulldogs and Soc. 2. So, the referee informed both team players that the shootout process would determine the winner. With a final score of 7-6, HCGM Bulldogs took third place and won the bronze medal.

There was also a score draw between Panellinios and Black Dragons in the final match for the gold medal. Finally, Panellinios won the gold medal with a final score of 5-4 at the penalty shootout that followed. The Black Dragons took second place and won the silver medal.

Getting in touch with the sports spirit and great competition was a unique experience for the children and also gave great satisfaction to both their team coaches and parents.