Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant

The highly anticipated statue, the Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant, has arrived in Montreal and will be displayed in time for the city’s 375th Anniversary Celebration.

Montreal is a city that has welcomed Greek immigrants and immigrants from every corner of the world with open arms, having offered them all new horizons and opportunities. The Greek community at large has offered the Statue of the Greek immigrant, an emblematic creation made by renowned contemporary Greek sculptor George Chouliaras, as a gift to the metropolis on the occasion of its 375th anniversary.

The Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant will be unveiled on June 30th at 13:00 hours, across from the old train station Gare Jean-Talon. A plaque with the names of donors will be placed next to the statue.

Watch the excellent video made by Athan Tom Sklavos, announcing the sculpture’s arrival: