HCGM Town Hall Meetings

The purpose of the Town Hall Meetings is to promote information and exchange of views on issues that concern the Greek community in a creative and collaborative way. At these meetings, we do not get together to vote. There are no right or wrong opinions, and no decisions will be made. At the meetings, we are there to listen to each other.

The Town Hall Meetings are open to all (members and non-members of the HCGM). Those who wish to attend must accept the code of honour, which is nothing more than a set of rules of ethical conduct and acceptance of respect for freedom of speech. To participate in the meeting, you must either register online at the HCGM website or fill out the registration form that you may get from the HCGM churches or our weekly bulletin (ΤΑ ΝΕΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΚΜΜ), published with the local Greek newspapers, and send it to the Community. Registrations are open until the day of the meeting.

The meeting will be structured as follows:

In the first hour, there will be a presentation of the activities and meetings of the Board of Directors during the last three months, and there will be a short question period.

In the last two hours, we will discuss three topics.

Those who register up to 6 days before the Town Hall Meeting will have the right to select three topics from a list of preselected items. The three topics that will attract the most public interest will be the ones that will be discussed.

At the meeting, there will be a coordinator who will be responsible for its smooth operation. His decisions should be respected by everyone without exception.

Each attendee will have the right to speak for 1 minute on each topic, either by asking a question or presenting an opinion. 

A person wishing to speak a second time can do so after everyone who wishes to has spoken once.

This is a new structure of communication between us. It is something new for all of us, and we are confident that we can achieve a great deal through our collaboration with our creativity and our Greek resourcefulness. After all, the achievements of our community are unique in the world.

However, to succeed, we all need to show our politeness. To confirm that we respect the freedom of speech like our ancestors who founded democracy.

We look forward to welcoming you at the first Town Hall Meeting on October 20th.