Athena Takes the Web

When the HCGM President Nicholas Pagonis decided to invite Aristotelis High School of Supplementary Education’s student Athina Nikolis as a guest speaker during his keynote speech, at the luncheon celebrating the Greek “OXI” Day, he knew she will create an impact. At the end of her speech, the 12-year old student experienced a prolonged standing ovation from all the event’s attendees.

What no one knew, and could not predict is the popularity of the video clip of the President’s and Athena’s powerful speech that was posted on the HCGM’s official Facebook page. The clip went viral, and it became HCGM’s most viewed video clip to date, reaching half a million users, leaving the rest far behind.

The amazing stats (on November 17, 2017):

  • The post reached more than 514,000 Facebook users
  • The video was viewed by more than 246,000 users
  • It received 2,300 “Likes” on post and 9,150 on shares
  • It was shared by 3,058
  • It received more than 1000 comments on post and shares

We are very proud of Athena Nikolis, as we are with all our students as they are the ambassadors of the high quality education they receive in the HCGM schools.

The HCGM would like to thank The Montreal Greek Times / Τα Ελληνικά Χρονικά του Μόντρεαλ for providing the video clip.