About the Foyer Hellénique

The transfer of the Foyer Hellénique pour Personnes Agées to the HCGM is a very large and a very important financial transaction that the HCGM takes very seriously. We have been actively working to ensure that the transfer will be affected in the most positive manner for the HCGM and that we continue to be in a position to maintain the low-income housing units presently in place.

Much has been said about the 60-day delay to complete this transaction. We would like to assure our community that our contractual and legal rights to purchase the Foyer are not in jeopardy in any way whatsoever. Moreover, the property is being managed and administered as efficiently and effectively as it has been done in the past, ensuring that a well-maintained property will be remitted to the HCGM.

As has been reported by the HCGM President Andy Crilis, a Press Conference will be held to announce this historic transfer and discuss this matter in greater detail.

The HCGM is finalizing its annual budget. The Real Estate analysis report from the EY Transaction Advisory Services Division was temporarily halted but has been resumed. The HCGM continues to analyze and apply for all available grants and wage subsidy programs. More information about this and the many other initiatives being undertaken by the organization will be presented by the President, Treasurer and Secretaries at our next Board of Directors meeting to be held on January 28, 2021.