A Message from the President – November 2016


Dear friends,

It’s already November and the winter season is almost upon us.  Before we know it, Christmas will be knocking on our doors.

In this month’s edition, we share with you highlights from the celebrations that took place on Sunday, October 30th, at the Hellenic Community Centre Adrian Maris, commemorating our Greek National “OXI” Day, as well as, the 1912 liberation of Thessaloniki. Before the luncheon, the official Doxology service took place at St George’s Cathedral. The photographs presented will give you the opportunity to appreciate the spirit and the atmosphere of this celebratory event.

We welcome the very first edition of “SOKondaire”; a magazine written and produced by the “Socrates-Démothène” High School students. We congratulate our students for their efforts and we wish them every success. Special thanks to the High School administrators and teachers for their excellent work.

The Magic Mission Committee is holding its annual “Love and Solidarity” luncheon at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 13, at the Hellenic Community Centre “Adrian Maris”. Each year, its objective is to maximise the donations it collects, which go to support various children’s organisations in Greece. Your participation and generosity will be highly valued and appreciated. Let’s make as many children as we can smile!

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal is proud to be actively supporting the Lyceum of Greek Women of Montreal’s “Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant” project. This work of art, by renowned sculptor Giorgos Houliars, will be donated by the HCGM as a gift to the City of Montreal for its 375th anniversary. The sculpture will be placed at the intersection of Park Avenue and Jean-Talon Street, as a tribute to the Greek immigrant. I wish to encourage all of you to collectively contribute to the financial campaign for the funding of this unique project.

As part of their continued effort to support and enhance the quality of life of individuals and families involved in natural caregiving, the HCGM Social Services took part in the organisation of the Laval Caregivers Fair this month. In this edition, Eleni Fakotakis, Social Services Director, presents the nature and the difficulties of caregiving and the information necessary for anyone engaged with the care of loved one, as well as, the services available to natural caregivers for the elderly.


Nicholas T. Pagonis