You Do Not Have to Be An Angel

Message from the Director of SSHQ, Eleni Fakotakis

It is that time of year again when it is important to extend our love and kindness to those who are less fortunate than us. Of course, there are people who are Angels, generous on a regular basis. They give money, time helping in a variety of ways, donate useful equipment or furniture and deliver it too. Those who would give the shirt off their back so to speak.

Then there are those of us that are regular people, not angels but good enough, too busy to notice that the holidays are upon us, again. Where did the time go? For them, once a year is just right. Not that they are not generous, just that they are too busy to think of others when they have so much stress in their own lives. They have their children, or parents to care for, maybe a stressful job, a sick pet, their obligations go on and on, it is a wonder how they are still standing.

All is forgiven. Perhaps it is not important if one is an Angel or a regular person looking to do good during the holidays. At least the reminder is there. At this time, it is important that we all work together, to put something aside on our holiday list for someone who is less fortunate. So let us dig as deep as we can in our pocket or wallet. It is said that $1 invested in a child before the age of 6, saves $9 in future spending on health (report on public health in Canada).

Help our service help those who are less fortunate. Through us, you work with us. During the holidays, SSHQ of the HCGM collects monetary donations in order to provide the less fortunate with food. If you would like to make a donation or have a van to donate, please call or drop off your donation at one of our offices: Konstantina for Cote-Des-Neiges 514-738-2421 local 121; Chryssa for Laval 450-688-2091; Lena for South-Shore 450-443-8197 and Mary for Parc-Extention 514-906-0784. You can also send money with your child who frequents Socrates-Demosthènes or any other of the HCGM schools. Put your donation in an envelope addressed to SSHQ. Thank you in advance for your generosity and we wish you a healthy, joyous holiday and a wonderful and prosperous New Year.