We Stand With Greece!

Over the last week, our motherland, Greece, has been the target of an unparalleled threat. Thousands of people, under the guise of refugees, are attempting to illegally enter Greece across its borders with Turkey. Rather than deterring them, Turkey provides help and guidance as to how to cross.

For more than 5 years, Turkey has manipulated the migration crisis to place undue diplomatic pressure on Europe and the West for its own political interests. Turkey has turned a blind eye to the smugglers responsible for flooding the Greek coast with refugees and illegal immigrants.

The situation culminated last week when Turkey led thousands of migrants to the Greek-Turkish border at Evros, also the border to Europe. These people are not refugees from the Syrian city of Idlib, as most speak the Turkish language very well, which is a sign that they have stayed in Turkey for some time.

The Greek government and the people of Greece have taken decisive action to close its border with Turkey to prevent this illegal invasion and bring an end to Turkey’s propaganda and gross use of human suffering as a tool to destabilise the Mediterranean.

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal strongly supports Greece’s position and condemns Turkey’s practice of exploiting people, whether refugees or immigrants, to achieve its goals.

As Greeks of the diaspora, we will vigorously exert our political influence to bring awareness and understanding to Montreal, Quebec and Canadian society that Greece has the unequivocal right to defend its territorial sovereignty, its borders as well as those of Europe.

It appears that Europe has begun to understand the diplomatic game being played by Turkey. It is up to us to make sure the rest of the world understand this as well.

We Stand with Greece!