The student experience: Testimony

socrate-demosthene-logoWe are proud to publish Mrs. Eugenia Kristen Kokolakis testimony, regarding École “Socrates-Démosthène” student experience. We are absolutely dedicated to continuing our academic and pedagogic work, in order to prepare our youth, conquer their future and preserve their Hellenic identity.

The student experience: Testimony

I find myself thinking back to my days in primary school and feeling very thankful that my parents chose Socrates school. Not only is primary school the foundation of one’s education, it is also where a child learns to be independent, to interact with others the same age and start learning about what they like and do not.

I can proudly say that Socrates helped me form different relationships. Up until today, my best friend is my first friend from Socrates. We did not go to the same high school but because we shared the same values, same beliefs and come from similar families, we remain best friends today and I believe part of this is thanks to my foundation, my education from Socrates.

I remember coming home from my first day of pre-kindergarten and telling my mom “I want to be a teacher.” A four year old’s dream came true; today, I am a secondary school English teacher at Collège Français in Montreal. I consider myself very fortunate, after graduating Concordia University I had many options of where to teach. I chose Collège Français because it felt right. I soon found myself teaching many students from Socrates and Demosthenes. It is a very nostalgic feeling when my students share their stories and experiences from when they were students at Socrates because even after all these years, I am able to relate. I can remember almost every if not all of my primary school teachers. Each of them had a significant impact.

I remember my grade 3 teacher helped me find my passion by starting a drama club after school. This club quickly helped me realize that acting was something I adored.

Socrates helped shape the person and teacher I am today. I am grateful to my parents who worked hard to give me a trilingual education. I am grateful to my grand-parents who helped me with my Greek homework, who made every effort to always attend our Greek school shows. Moreover, thank you to our teachers at Socrates and Demosthenes, our community for keeping our culture and traditions alive.

Eugenia Kristen Kokolakis
English Teacher
Collège Français de Montreal