Supplementary Education Graduation Day

On May 20, 26 and 27, Supplementary Education held its graduation ceremonies for Schools Platon-Omeros, St. Nicholas, as well as, Aristotelis High School.

Graduation Day is always full of opposites: cheers and solemnity, memories and dreams, childhood and adulthood, goodbyes and hellos. On Friday May 26, high school graduates from Aristotelis managed to make the special day their own. Aristotelis Graduation Ceremony took place at the Hellenic Community Centre Adrian-Maris, and was truly a unique ceremony followed by a reception.

St. Nicholas and Platon-Omeros supplementary elementary schools held their own ceremonies for their graduates at the school venues. There were touching moments among the teachers and graduates, who are know ready to continue their journey to knowledge, throughout High School.

We wish our graduating students to preserve the memories of the school life that they are leaving behind and continued success  in all their future studies.