The Canadian Mental Health Association defines mental health as the ability to achieve a BALANCE in all aspects of life (social, physical, spiritual, economic and mental). Anyone can fall prey to negative feelings and mental state, young and old. Unresolved or untreated issues can leave one depressed, excessively stressed or feeling angry. Negative feelings or states that can get increasingly worse and can manifest themselves into psycho-somatic problems as well. Therefore, It is very important to deal with emotional and psychological crisis as it arrives as for any other medical concern. Therefore, whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job, have financial difficulties that are causing you endless stress, have apnea (inability to sleep), have an eating disorder or are feeling that you cannot handle a situation alone and it is overwhelming you, please realise that you must seek help.

Anxiety disorders, Bi-polar disorder, Mental illnesses and psychiatric disabilities require taking medication. It is important to take medication when required even if you feel better and feel that you do not need it. The medication is making you feel better, if you stop, your condition will deteriorate.

Call us for a referral to an appropriate resource. There is help for you. Resources know you are not alone. Also refer to the Canadian Mental Health site