It is a major priority of our service to keep our community informed regarding major issues and concerns, in order to help our beneficiaries and clients to make informed decisions. Whether you are looking for a tutor for your child, or placement for your elderly loved one. We can assist you with the latest on the subject of your concerns and needs. Our personnel provide information on a wide spectrum of concerns, public and private resources. If we do not have the answers we will help you find what you are looking for. Our information is provided by telephone, in person or through the use of the media.

We also offer a whole range of information sessions, conferences and workshops. Over the years we have provided the public with the following information sessions: Preventing the Mistreatment of Seniors, Demystifying Alzheimer’s, Fraud Prevention, How to ‘’Work’’ the Health and Social Services System, Resources For People and Children with Special Needs, The Importance of Breast Self Examination, Where to Turn – What to Do if Your Loved One Has a Drug Problem, Demystifying the Immigration Process, Recruitment of Young People Into the Police Force, Are you a Caregiver? Come Meet Representatives of Resources That Are Important To You, etc.