Exercise and Wellness

We are all aware of the fact that an active lifestyle is highly recommended to keep you fit, strong, help you to manage health conditions and stay out of hospital. The ability to bend, twist, stretch and move freely, allows you to do the things that you need to do and engage in the activities that you love. Therefore, it can be incredibly frustrating when age, illness, or injury makes exercising a challenge.

We, the HCGM Social Services department, is organizing a series of “Exercise and Wellness” courses, to stretch and strengthen your body, in a safe and effective way, without ever leaving your seat.

Join our series of “Exercise and Wellness” courses with our experienced health and fitness instructor Eleftheria Nika, in the Montreal, Laval, South Shore locations.

For more information and registrations contact us:

Call: 514-738-2421 ext.121, 135
Email: [email protected]