Montreal Greek Film Festival

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The 2017 MONTREAL GREEK FILM FESTIVAL was held from March 27 to April 2 and by all accounts, it was a huge success.  In association with the prestigious New York Greek Film Festival and in partnership with the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, the 2017 film festival presented the very best contemporary Greek films from outstanding film directors. With wonderful actors, conveying great drama, stories with pathos, dealing with everyday life and historic occasions, this new program of outstanding films showed brilliantly contemporary Greek society in all of its shapes and colour.

It was a magical journey in the seas of the seventh art, which hosted hundreds of movie goers each night, offering them moments of laughter, tears, and nostalgia.

On the closing night of the Festival, the audience had the opportunity to see “H Diki Mas Maria Callas” (Our Maria Callas), a documentary directed by Babis Tsokas, highlighting the Hellenic origins of the great diva of opera that reinforced the message that Greece is still home to many gifted music and film personalities. This film was made possible though the participation of two hundred and fifty volunteers. It is a powerful example of the spirit of collaboration that still exists in today’s Hellas.

All proceeds from this screening were donated to the schools of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal.

Later on that evening, with the support of BMO, a Closing Night Reception was held followed by a the Canadian debut of film festival favourite “Enas Allos Kosmos” (Worlds Apart).

Congratulations to Montreal Greek Film Festival Director John Caoussias and his team for producing such a wonderful event!