Message from the President – October 2018

Dear friends,

The last week of October marks the anniversaries of “OXI” Day, on the 28th, as well as Thessaloniki’s liberation from the Ottomans, on the 26th. Both anniversaries are days of remembrance and honour to the heroes who wrote momentous pages of Greek history, struggling with self-sacrifice, to preserve the supreme ideals of freedom, dignity, justice, and democracy. Every year our proud students at École Socrates-Démoshtène honour our heroes by celebrating these occasions in all our school campuses.

Moreover, the entire HCGM Board of Directors, members, volunteers and employees celebrate our national pride and independence at the annual Official Dinner at the Hellenic Community Centre’s Grande Salle, where you are all invited to attend.

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I inform you that our dear friend, dedicated volunteer and HCGM Board Member Eleni Tsinalis passed away last Monday. Eleni served as Secretary of the Board’s Social Affairs and as President of HCGM’s Hellenic Social Services of Quebec. She has spent thousands of hours of volunteer work and efforts to organize and maintain one of Quebec’s most respected social services department. She will be well-remembered for bringing happiness and being helpful to all those in need.

The recent General Assembly raised a few questions about the future of our Community, such as: What kind of services will be provided by the HCGM in the foreseeable future? Do we want an efficient organization, offering integrated services to preserve and promote our language, our culture and our faith?

Various circles without accountability and respect for the facts and the truth united in misinforming the public, twist the facts and turn the General Assembly into a chaotic uncivilized gathering without respect to the organization, the clergy and its administration. An unacceptable situation that hopefully will not ever reoccur. The HCGM is administered by a Board of Directors which consists of 27 accountable volunteers with a vision for the future of the Community; bank debt-free Community, being able to offer top-quality services in education, religion, social, cultural and sports services. United with all our members, authoritative and transparent we will work together to preserve the values of Hellenism in Montreal.

Ζήτω η 28η Οκτωβρίου. Ζήτω ο Ελληνισμός του Μοντρεάλ.

Nicholas T. Pagonis