Joseph Polossifakis an unforgettable speaker at the déjeuner-causerie

The déjeuner-causerie is an annual event for our School. Its main purpose is to invite a former École Socrates-Démosthène graduate who has made a mark in their professional career in Montréal or in the world.  This guest has also contributed to the success of the Greek community by the fact that they are the top of their field and are role models.

This year, we had Joseph Polossifakis (2002, Soc II) who is a Canadian Championship Fencer and part of the Canadian Olympic team and addressed the students.

His speech was the best presentation of any invited guest in the last 35 years. He was extremely motivating and inspirational and a testament to what Soc-Dem can produce in terms of students and athletes.  There has never ever been a guest who received two standing ovations as he did.

Moreover, it was our only guest accompanied by his parents, girlfriend and grandparents. He paid homage to his grandparents calling them the “role-models” and “heroes” of his life. Their immigrant values helped him persevere many personal and professional adversities he has encountered.

He expressed himself perfectly in French, Greek and English, and was able to reach the hearts and minds of all 153 students and over 50 adults!

Thank, you, Joseph!

L’École Socrates-Démosthène