Hellenic Hope for Ukraine Refugees campaign found its nascence when the HCGM was approached by several individuals and groups that asked the HCGM to help with the collection of goods and materials for refugees who are going to be housed in Montreal. The HCGM is working with Emmanuella Lambropoulos’s office, as she approached the Community looking to help facilitate the process. Together we’ve developed a program along with private individuals within the Hellenic Diaspora in Montreal. 

The program will be under the auspices of the Hellenic Hope for Others - HH4O Community Outreach Program, which the HCGM is developing. It is part of the redevelopment of the HCGM’s outreach to the communities of Montreal and around the world. 

Denis Kotsoros, the Executive Director of the HCGM, was asked to describe the ideals of the community outreach program. “In promoting the values and ideals of our Hellenic heritage, we create programs that benefit not only the Hellenic community but extend to the members of the communities in Quebec, Canada and around the world. We hold generosity and hospitality as our beacon of hope for those in need. The ideals of Hellenic honour, dignity and pride, combined with the innate belief in providing warmth and hospitality to others, are the core beliefs of Hellenic philanthropy.”

The program will start by creating collection points in our schools, churches and community centers for food, clothing, toiletries and bed linens. It will expand to fundraising to purchase airline tickets to Montreal from various points in Europe. 

Once the refugees have arrived, Emmanuella Lambropoulos has helped find housing, and various private members of the Diaspora have offered employment support. 

Your help will be a beacon of Hellenic philanthropy.