HCGM Summer Camp

This year’s HCGM Summer Camp once again opened its doors to the youth of our community; giving the opportunity to a hundred children to enjoy the summer. Almost two months of joy, games, excursions etc. were offered to our children. Many memories were made and lifelong friendships were forged.

“We are like a big family” said Steve Frangoulis, HCGM Sports Director, who is responsible for the summer camps. Steve mentioned “there are children that have been attending the camp for the last five or six years consecutively”.

This year’s camp begun on June 27 and will end on August 18, 2017.

Our 100 campers were exposed to a number of different activities including daytrips to Granby Zoo, cinemas, Centre de la Nature in Laval, Cap St-Jacques, Beaver Lake, as well as bowling and the Super Aqua Club, which were the most popular among the children. From the beginning the camp was designed for everyone to have fun with a great emphasis on the safety of the children. The camp will close its doors on August 18th by having a large BBQ party for everyone involved.

“We are very proud of our summer camp” said Steve Frangoulis, “the staff has and always will be at the children’s disposal, ensuring a pleasant ambiance of fun and recreation that is educational in nature”.

Congratulation to everyone involved!