HCGM Reopens its Churches

It is with great enthusiasm that the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal reopens its churches, but with specific, cautionary controls.  Volunteers will be on hand in every church to assist you in doing your part in maintaining these protocols. Please be mindful of this and follow their directions.

What Should You Do for Your Part?


=If you are elderly and/or have health conditions that make you more vulnerable, you are safer at home.

=Out of respect and concern for the well-being of others, please stay home if you are not feeling well. It is better to be cautious than risk your own health and possibly expose others to any illness.

=We will continue to live-stream and broadcast our church services for the benefit of those unable to attend.

=There is a 50-person limit on the number of people who may gather for services. Please be patient! We will do our best to accommodate everyone as often as possible. In the event we reach social distancing capacity, you may be asked to listen from outside.


=Sanitize your hands upon entry into the church.

=A mask or face covering is strongly encouraged and appreciated. Bring one from home.

=We strongly discourage the use of gloves.

=Because of social distancing requirements, not all pews will be allowed to be occupied. Only immediate family members will be able to sit together. Please be mindful of this and follow the direction of the ushers. Do not deviate from where you are directed to sit. Parents are asked to keep their children from roaming the aisles.

=All books/hymnals have been removed from the pews. If you wish to follow along with the service, bring your own book/hymnal from home or follow online here: https://www.agesinitiatives.com/dcs/public/dcs/dcs.html

=Venerating icons should only be done by bowing and making the Sign of the Cross. Do not kiss the icons.


=A collection tray will be available in the back of the church. Please give as generously as you can. We are way behind in our budget. You can also continue to donate online to the Keep the Faith Fund.

=Following the liturgy, do not shake any hands or hug your friends. Do not congregate outside. Please return to your cars and homes.

=As always, stay healthy and stay safe.

Liturgical directives will be provided in the church by each parish priest and in accordance with directives prescribed by the Archdiocese of Canada.