Greek Summer Festival in Laval

Despite the unbearable heat, Greeks coming from Laval and the Greater Montreal Area participated in the big summer Greek festival organized by the HCGM Laval Regional council. The event lasted four days, from Friday, June 29th to Monday, July 2nd.

During these days, temperatures reached over 30o C feeling like 42-46 o C due to humidity, which made it extremely hard for the volunteers, especially for those working in the kitchen, to offer their services to the public.

Despite all the difficulties they had to deal with, the volunteers organized the Greek festival with great success putting big smiles on attendants’ faces. HCGM President Nicholas Pagonis, who is in Greece for the summer, mentioned: “I express my gratitude to all volunteers, who worked tirelessly and overcame all the difficulties thanks to their patience and made the Laval Greek Festival a great success. Congratulations to all of you.”

Saint Nicholas Church former Priest, Rev. Vassilios Tsaprailis, Holy Cross Church Priest, Archimandrite Nektarios Mostratos, Saint Nicholas Church Priest, Rev. Zisis Derekas , MPs Fayçal El-Khoury and Eva Nassif, MNAs Guy Ouellette and Monique Sauvé, City Councillor Yannick Langlois representing Laval Mayor Marc Demers, City Councillors Aline Dib, Aglaia Revelakis and Vasilios Karidogiannis, Laval Deputy Mayor, STL President and City Councillor David De Cotis, HCGM Executive Vice President Andreas Crilis, HCGM Vice-President and Secretary of Education Zoi Batsis, Vice-President Afroditi Mourelatos, HCGM General Secretary Haralambos Babaroutsis, Regional Vice President Laval Dennis Marinos, École Socrates-Démosthène General Director Chris Adamopoulos, HCGM Public Relations and Marketing Director Paris Petrou, Ladies Philoptochos Society of Holy Cross President Alexandra Katsipontis and businessman Vassilis Zannis honoured the festival with their presence.

The members of the HCGM Laval Regional Council want to express their gratitude to all the volunteers and especially to administrative assistant Loukia Skoularikis for the success of the Laval Greek festival.

HCGM Laval Regional Council expresses its gratitude to sponsors and volunteers.

HCGM Laval Regional Council expresses its gratitude to all parishioners for their presence at the Laval Greek festival. We want to thank stunning singers Pavlos Laskaris, Efi Panou, and Manos Koutsaggelidis, amazing musicians Petros Plarinos (instrument), Paul Lepenios (bouzouki), Kostas Triantafyllou (clarinet) and Nino Karabela (drums), as well as Nick Papagiannis from Absolut Disco who entertained us during the Laval Greek Festival. We are very grateful to the MC of the festival, Stelios Yantzoulis for the beautiful presentation.

Many thanks to all volunteers for their intensive work and services.

We would also like to thank the following businesses for their financial support to the Laval Greek festival and our Community in general:

Pharmacie Nicolas Liounis et Anastasios Anagnostopoulos
M. Fayçal El-Khoury, Député de Laval Les Îles
Mme Aglaia Revelakis, Conseillère municipale du quartier
P.A. Supermarkets
Adonis Supermarkets
Château Royal Reception Halls
Dr. Christos Sideris, Orthodontist
Les Immeubles Kronos Inc.
M. Guy Ouellette, Député de Chomedey,
Président de la Commission de l’aménagement du territoire
Mme Monique Sauvé, Députée de Fabre
Adjointe Parlementaire du Ministre de l’Emploie et de la Solidarité Sociale
Mme Eva Nassif, Députée de Vimy
Mme Aline Dib, Conseillère municipale du quartier St-Martin
M. Ray Khalil, Conseiller municipal du quartier Ste-Dorothée
M. Vasilios Karidogiannis, Conseiller municipal du quartier l’Abord-à-Ploufe
Groupes Yves Legare / Alfred Dallaire
Andreas Alevras Accounting
Bijouterie B. Serkos
Docteur Silencieux
Urgel Bourgie
Lillie’s Bakery
Marathon Souvlaki
Absolut Disco
Mourelatos Supermarket
Lots of thanks to Salamina Foods, Les Abris Snogore Inc., Palace Reception Halls, Lexim, Restaurant La Fleur, Jonarts for their offer to our Greek festival.
Dennis Marinos, President
HCGM Regional Laval