Finally, home! Foyer Hellénique is being added to the HCGM Real Estate Portfolio

As of July 1, the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal has the right to purchase the Foyer according to the terms of the agreement set forth 35 years ago. We are proud to announce that we have initiated this process to transfer this property to the HCGM and which should be complete within the next 60 days and add a very valuable asset to the HCGM.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the former Presidents of the Foyer – Mr. Nicholas Pagonis (one of the founders of the Foyer), Mr. Spiro Hadjis, the late Ms. Effie Gournaki and Ms. Demetra Kostaridis along with all the members of the Board of Directors who have served the Foyer over the years with the utmost devotion and have been diligent stewards for the HCGM and have ensured the success of this property.

We would also like to assure the community that the seamless transfer of this valuable property into the HCGM real estate portfolio is a top priority at the HCGM and will be done in the absolute best interest of our community.