The Montreal Centre for Greek Studies, established in 1983 to offer college and university level courses in English, French and Greek, provides an exposure to Greek cultural values for the general public. The Centre is also dedicated to enriching the education of Hellenic Canadians whose first language is either English or French and who wish to learn more about their cultural heritage.

The Montreal Centre for Greek Studies emphasises the dissemination of that particular world-view which found its most authentic expression in what is now the Greek mainland and in Asia Minor and the very near East. For centuries these areas nurtured several eastern traditions that found their way to the West, passing through the filter of what is today known as Greek philosophy, mythology, and theology.

In the summer of 1983, a group of young professionals in Montreal, mainly with Greek backgrounds, met to lay the groundwork for a program of studies that would initially provide a means for Canadians of Greek parentage to gain a greater understanding of their language and heritage, but also as a means to provide a venue where they, and those outside the immediate Greek community, could explore more deeply the manifold aspects of the Hellenic culture. In the more than 28 years since then, the Montreal Centre for Greek Studies has succeeded well beyond its founders hopes, developing into a major outreach of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal to the whole of the Montreal area.


Your contribution to the Montreal Centre for Greek Studies will help preserve, advance, and disseminate Greek cultural heritage through college and university level courses in language, history, religion, literature, folk culture, and special topics. Your donation will promote intercultural understanding and enrich the education of Hellenic Canadians and the wider community. Join us in fostering appreciation for the origins of Western traditions and nurturing cultural diversity in Canadian society.