An update from the HCGM

The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant financial impact on businesses and organizations worldwide and the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal is no exception. As Executives of the HCGM, we must ensure its longevity so that it can continue to carry on its mission after this crisis is over. Over the past week, we had to make the difficult decision to temporarily lay off some of our employees. We will continue to monitor the situation and as soon as we are in position to bring people back, we will do so.
We would like to thank our employees who although saddened by what has happened, have shown such fortitude in these difficult times, have understood that the HCGM had to make some extremely hard decisions, and have shown such love and concern for the organization. THANK YOU to all those affected, and we pray and hope that this will be short lived, and things will quickly come back to normal.
We take our employees privacy very seriously and we believe that personal and confidential dealings between employee and employer have no place in a public forum. This being said, we are deeply disappointed by the actions of one employee in an attempt to distort the facts leading up to this temporary layoff and to misrepresent their current financial situation, not to mention the misinformed and misguided comments that have followed on social media and on the radio as a result, none of which have any place at a time when a worldwide pandemic is hitting home, now more than ever.
The needs of our community are great, not just in our elderly population, but also to everyone whose daily life has been drastically affected by this COVID-19 crisis. Members of our Regional Boards and the HCGM Executive, our churches’ Philoptohos groups and the South Shore Ladies Auxiliary, not to mention our members at large have been available and will continue to be available to anyone that requires assistance.
· All extensions for all departments at the HCGM head office as well as our two Regional offices are forwarded to a group standing by to take your call.
· Anyone that has a question or needs help of any kind can also email us at [email protected] or message us through the HCGM Facebook page.
· We have phone chains in place to regularly check in on our vulnerable populations.
· We will continue to provide whatever help is needed, be it to cook a meal, arrange for groceries, pick up medications, or just to talk. For those that are more technologically savvy, we can even provide telephone support to help set up apps on smartphones, laptops or tablets.
· Divine Liturgies and Sacred Services will continue to be streamed the HCGM Facebook page from two of our churches, St. George’s Cathedral and Timio Stavro. We have experienced an overwhelming response to these broadcasts (with thousands of views from the faithful not just in Montreal but around the world). Rest assured that these broadcasts will continue during Holy Week and until this crisis is over. We are looking into ways to broaden the reach of these broadcasts beyond our Facebook page.
· Radio broadcast of the Divine Liturgy from St. George Cathedral will continue every Sunday at 10:30 am with the collaboration and support of 105.1 MIKE FM.
· Our new radio show “Ta Molivia Ston Aera” featuring the children of our school is sure to make you smile and will continue every Wednesday at 12 pm on 105.1 MIKE FM.
Please continue to follow us on Facebook. The HCGM and the Board of Directors will remain focused on providing information and facts from trusted sources, as well resources to help keep us all healthy, happy and connected. Together, we will get through this difficult time.