Ad Hoc Real Estate Committee on Sale of Sherbrooke St. Property

The HCGM is pleased to announce that a number of professionals have come forward on their own, on a strictly volunteer basis, and have been working on options for the best use of the property on Sherbrooke St.

This is a group of highly respected professionals, over half of which are real estate experts. They graciously contributed their time on a pro bono basis and we are thankful.

They have a very broad mandate, total independence regarding their membership, process and timelines. They have a free hand to review the HCGM’s financial situation, to discuss and negotiate on the HCGM’s behalf with potential brokers, buyers or other real estate experts. This is a serious process with independent professionals and we are lucky to have them come forward on their own. They started their work in late October 2018 and have done their homework very diligently. They have access to all the documentation in the HCGM’s possession.

Of course, as per the HCGM bylaws and governance, the prescribed process will be followed and whatever recommendations the ad hoc committee puts forward will have to be approved by the Board and brought to the General Assembly as applicable.

The seven committee members are:


James Papadimitriou– Attorney

Partner and Regional Practice Lead

Real Property and Planning.

McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Peter Mouhteros

Senior Associate-Certified Real Estate Broker


Sam Tsoumas

Director Business Development

Montoni Group

Michael Mastronikolas

Chartered Real Estate Broker

Owner of Charisma Group

John Charalampopoulos C.A

Partner, Richter LLP

Dimitris Katsaounis

Business Intelligence Consultant

Nick Papapanos

Vice President, Senior Investment Advisor

Canaccord Genuity