36th Annual St. Jean Baptiste Greek Festival, 2017

The annual HCGM St. Jean Baptiste Festival of the South Shore Region was a huge success. Hundreds of people attended the four-day festival and enjoyed an authentic Greek experience.

Among the visitors, we had the pleasure of welcoming His Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios of Toronto (Canada), Nicholas Sigalas, General Consul of Greece in Montreal, Sherry Romanado, MP for Longueuil—Charles-LeMoyne, Alexandra Mendes, MP for Brossard—Saint-Lambert, Paul Leduc, Mayor of Brossard, Pierre O’Donoughue, Municipal Councillor for Brossard, Sylvie Parent, Municipal Councillor for Longueuil, Eric Beaulieu, Municipal Councillor for Iberville and Lorraine Guay Boivin, Municipal Councillor for St-Hubert. HCGM President, Nicolas Pagonis, was present, accompanied by many members of the BOD and the Regional Councils.

Aphrodite Stathopoulos, President of HCGM South Shore’s Regional Council said:

“Putting a Summer Greek Festival together for the benefit of our centre, schools and church on the South Shore, involves a lot of dedicated, hard working, committed and special people. A community coming together and shining no matter what the weather outcome! You all are stars! I thank you for all your support! If I have omitted to mention anyone, please forgive me, you are all also have my profound gratitude. George Govas George Koufalis, Dimitri Xenos Mr and Mrs Koliakos, Panagiotis Retsinas, all my bus boys, all the ladies auxiliary, all the cooks, salad makers and extra hands!”

 Raffle Prizes of the Festival:

The HCGM congratulates Aphrodite Stathopoulos and all the members of the Regional Council for their excellent work.

We thank the many donors and sponsors who helped make this year’s edition of the HCGM South Shore Region’s St. Jean Baptiste Festival, a huge success.

Photo Gallery: