Solidarity concert for the fire victims in Greece

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, the Hellenic Congress of Quebec and the Magic Mission Committee, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Greece in Montreal, organized a concert of support and solidarity for the victims of the recent catastrophic fires in Attica. The event took place on Sunday, July 29th, 2018, from 13:00 to 17:00 in the Hellenic Community Center Adrian Maris.

Following this unprecedented disaster for our homeland, representatives of the participating organizations, Hellenic Congress of Quebec President John Theodosopoulos, HCGM Executive Vice-President Andreas Crilis and Magic Mission Committee President Vrissiis Mavrou-Paidoussis, in collaboration with Consul General of Greece in Montreal Nicolaos Sigalas, immediately mobilized to organize the concert, alongside with other Magic Mission fundraising activities, as soon as possible. The organization of the show was decided on Tuesday, July 24th, just one day after the fire.

The mobilization began on Wednesday morning so that within the next four days everything that was needed for the event to take place; inviting local musicians and talent, who with great eagerness showed their solidarity by participating in the concert, informing the public with a variety of press releases and announcements in Greek and mainstream local media, interviews, posters, and postings on the social networks and HCGM and Magic Mission websites, setting up the stage, rehearsing, supplying the food and beverages, and serving the public.
Everyone responded with great enthusiasm, as every time, when our homeland is calling for our help and support. For the vacationers who could not be present, they showed their interest by sending their donations electronically, through the HCGM and Magic Mission sites.

The calling for solidarity and love to our people in Greece continues. The fundraising has been going very well. Thus the amount of funds that have been raised is more than $50,000 and is predicted to go even further than that.

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, the Hellenic Congress of Quebec and the Magic Mission Committee would like to express their sincerest gratitude to the Consul General of Greece in Montreal Nicolas Sigalas and the political representatives as well as all the participants that honoured the event with their presence. They would also like to thank the musical bands of Nikos Anastasiou with Georgios Georgakopoulos and Angela, «ARTEMIS & Co.» with Artemis Lagopoulos, Petros Plarinos, Pavlos Lepeniotis and John Salatellis, the musical band «Demosthenes & Friends» with Maro Lytra, Dimosthenis Papadimitriou, Christos Kouloumbis, John Salatellis and Bobby Tsigakis, «KEFI BAND» with Evripidis Mesekis, Peter Roumeliotis, Kostas Katsimanis and Giorgos Gikokas, the “SYRTAKI” dance company and the DJ service company “TECHNOSONIC” with Vassilis Kalogerakis and Costas Anastasiou.