Masks and Personal Protection Items from the HSSQ

As part of their ongoing efforts to inform and protect vulnerable groups in matters of mental health and quality of life, last week the HCGM Social Service department distributed packages with protection products against COVID-19 to the elderly residents of the Foyer hellénique. This activity took place in the courtyard at the entrance of the Foyer and was organized by the Social Service Intervention Consultant and head of Montreal programs, Mary Arvanitaki.
Each package included cloth and disposable masks, gloves and instructions translated into Greek, from the Ministry of Health of Quebec to protect the elderly from COVID-19, as well as information to help the elderly cope with the psychological strain which may occur due to the current situation. Assisting in the distribution were HCGM Social Service Intervention Consultant E. Papadopoulou as well as volunteers D. Kloutier and V. Lambraki.
A similar activity will be carried in Park Extension.