“Hellene of the Year” 2022

Nominate a Candidate

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal continues to award the honorary distinction “Hellene of the Year” to various persons in recognition of their contribution to the life of our Community at large and to Hellenism.

The procedure of candidates selection is the following:  the public of our Community at large is invited to nominate candidates who are recognized as good examples to follow and as a source of promotion by their contribution to society and to science and who have distinguished themselves in business, the letters and the arts and overall by their conduct towards Hellenism here, as a social community. A three-member committee shall select from the submitted nominations and shall designate the recipients of this prestigious distinction. 

A letter of recommendation with an attached Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) should be submitted by Friday, March 4, 2022, in a sealed envelope with the indication “HELLENE OF THE YEAR”, to the address: “Hellene of the Year” Selection Committee, 5777  Wilderton Ave., Montreal Qc H3S 2V7.