Ambassador of Greece Celebrates May Day at École Socrates-Démosthène’s Campus III

On the occasion of the school events for the May 1st celebration, the Ambassador of Greece in Canada, Dimitrios Azemopoulos, visited Campus III of École Socrates-Démosthène, in Roxboro. The HCGM President, Nicholas T. Pagonis, the Secretaries of Education, Zoe Batsis and Aliki Georgiadou-Daher, the School General Director, Chris Adamopoulos, the campus III Director, Chris Filandrianos and the HCGM PR and Marketing Director, Paris Petrou were there to welcome him.

During the campus guided tour, there had been a discussion with the HCGM and school representatives where Ambassador Dimitrios Azemopoulos praised the school’s educational work mentioning that, him coming from a family of educators as his mother was a school director and growing up in a school environment, he is able to recognize the high quality of education and its challenges.

When the Ambassador visited the classrooms, he found them empty because everybody was outside, celebrating the May Day. However, he had the chance to visit our pre-kindergarten class who were very excited to meet him. The Ambassador, with great excitement, awakened his childhood memories by sitting on the floor and playing with the pre-kindergarten students.

Then he participated in the celebration taking place outdoors, spoke with the teachers and the parents when after a while, the General Consul of Greece in Montreal, Nick Sigalas, also joined the celebration. One of the most memorable moments was when Ambassador Dimitrios Azemopoulos climbed the slide and asked the students to join him for a commemorative photo. At the end of the visit, there was food prepared and served by the Parents’ Committee.